Monday, 6 April 2020

Get to know Pangolin

Introducing Pangolin, the new ConSteel integration with Grasshopper

In quick summary: 

  • What is it? - Pangolin will be a plugin to integrate structural modelling and analysis into your parametric Grasshopper definitions
  • When? - Pangolin will be released together with ConSteel 14
  • Where? - As a download from or the Yak package manager of Rhino

Basic workflow:

1. Create your Grasshopper definition of the structure’s geometry

2. Define the complete structural model based on the geometry with Pangolin’s component

3. Preview the generated structural model real-time right in Rhino

4. Send the generated structural model to ConSteel (or SteelSpace, or just save a ConSteel import file for later use)

5. Analyse the model utilizing the full power of ConSteel’s unique analysis and design calculations

6. Change the Grasshopper model’s input parameters as needed, go to step 4. and check the parametric model again in a matter of seconds.

Main modelling features provided by Pangolin:

  1. Geometry: Lines, arcs, polygons
  2. Structural members: Beams, plates, supports, rigid bodies, diaphragms, link elements
  3. Sections: from ConSteel section bank, or created by section macros, including cold-formed sections with stiffener definition support
  4. Custom structural attributes: release stiffness model, support model, material properties
  5. Loads: Nodal, line, surface loads
  6. Load configuration: load combinations, load groups, load cases, load transfer surfaces 
  7. Organization: Layers, and structural groups
  8. I.O. : Load from file, load from ConSteel, save to file or ConSteel
  9. Integrated parameters for unambiguous definitions, avoiding the use of nebulous generic parameters:

In the following posts we will inspect Pangolin’s features more closely, including the following main use cases:

  1. Using Pangolin in a top-down Grasshopper model first approach
  2. Using Pangolin to automate complex or repetitive modelling tasks while still using mainly ConSteel’s modelling tools (eg. programmatically placing plate loads on a predefined surface)

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