Friday, 29 June 2018

Tips & Tricks: Copy-paste unique load combination data from Excel

Even if all of the load combination generation formulas are implemented in ConSteel for the automatic generation of combinations, standard formulas may not cover every necessary combination cases. 

Of course, in this case, it is possible to define the missing combinations manually, but it is very likely, that the missing combinations are available, probably in a table form.

It is good to know, that ConSteel is capable to receive combination data, by the good old CTRL+C & CTRL+V method. If you have the factors for load combinations stored in table form, stored for example in Excel, just copy the data of the factors to the clipboard by CTRL+C, and then CTRL+V paste them into ConSteels's load combination table:

Of course, it works in the other way too, combination data can be copied to the clipboard from ConSteel by pressing CTRL+C and pasting it into spreadsheets by CTRL+V!

Friday, 22 June 2018

Tips & Tricks: Custom envelop figure

As you may already know, you can check the max, min and min-max envelop diagrams for (first and second order) analysis results are available in ConSteel. By default, the envelop figures can be requested for SLS and ULS combinations. These default options will use the results of all of the calculated ULS or SLS loadcombinations:

But did you know, that you can create your own envelop figures, with a wide variety of custom settings?

If you choose the Define envelope figure... option from the load combinations dropdown menu of the analysis tab, you will get the User defined envelope dialogue:

You are able to create as many envelope figures as you desire, while the setup options for them are the following:

  • Create envelope figures based on the selected load combinations

In this case, you have to choose with the checkboxes from the calculated ULS and/or SLS combinations, that which of them should be used for your custom envelope figure

  • Create envelope figures based on the selected load cases

  • In this case, you have to choose with the checkboxes of each load case, that which ones do you want to use to generate your custom envelop figure

  • Create envelope figures from load combinations based on selected load cases

  • In this case, at the left side of the dialogue you are choosing load cases, and on the right side those load combinations will be listed, which are generated based on the selected loadcases. These combinations will be used to generate your envelope diagram. 
    After you click apply, the custom envelope diagram will be created, and it will be available below the default envelop figures from the dropdown menu:

    Try it for free, by downloading the ConSteel INSTALL PACKAGE now!

      Wednesday, 20 June 2018

      Customer Project - Targu-Jiu Stadium

      Architects Dico si tiganas
      Structural Engineering Plan 31 RO
      OptimART Project
      Location Targu-Jiu, Romania
      Built in 2015-2019
      Size 37.500 seats
      Material S235, S355 and C30/37

      The dated Targu-Jiu Stadium is to be completely demolished and rebuilt. The new multipurpose arena will offer outstanding comfort for athletes, spectators and journalists.

      Seat capacity will grow from 9.200 to 37.500.

      Our partner, OpimArt Project, used ConSteel software to carry out the high-level structural analysis, design and optimization of the steel roof. To have an overview of the global behaviour of the whole structure, not just the steel, but the concrete structural parts were modelled.

      Global stability analysis was carried out on the full 3D structural model.

      Wednesday, 13 June 2018

      Word export - Create your own style for your documentation

      In ConSteel, you are able to export your documentation into an editable Word format with the same style as it was in ConSteel. But did you know, that you can create your own template with custom styling?

      The Word export function -debuted in ConSteel 12-, can be found in the file menu of your generated ConSteel documentation.
      The function uses Microsoft's .dotx file format, which can be used to store styling settings, sofor it is ideal for templates. In the INSTALL PACKAGE of ConSteel, we have already packed you a template in dotx format, which is filled up with the same styling settings, what ConSteel uses for documentation generation. This file by default can be found in the installation folder of your ConSteel, by the name of Consteel.dotx:
      C:\Program Files\ConSteel 12\Data\Export\Consteel.dotx

      To create a custom template with your style, simply copy this file

      After the copy is made, open the copied file, and start to customize the style of it, by bringing up the styles dialogue, and modifying any of the objects:
      After all of the style changes were performed, the template can be saved. Next time when exporting a documentation to word, the template has to be browsed on the Document export dialogue:
      By pressing the OK button, export process will be initiated, and the docx file will be created according to the custom styling settings in the template file: