Wednesday, 25 April 2018

ConSteel 12: Automatic use of swaying modes as imperfection

To apply the swaying modes as imperfection is crucial, but in case of complex, 3d structures it is a tough issue which is not covered by the books.

ConSteel 12 provides a completely new approach, that can identify the proper direction of buckling mode based imperfection in each of the load combinations and able to calculate the appropriate amplitudes.

The new analysis results show not just the combined effects with imperfection, but engineers are able to see the displacements, inner forces etc. caused by each of the imperfection cases.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

ConSteel 12: Reinforced concrete beam and column design

In ConSteel 12, not just the steel and composite member design can be carry out effectively, but reinforced concrete beams and columns also.

Calculation of concrete parts are fully integreted part of the ConSteel design process, therefore the entire multi-material building can be designed and optimized in one seamless process.

ConSteel 12 is coming! Stay tuned to get the very first glimpses in the upcoming weeks.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

ConSteel 12: csPI automatic code check and debugging

The parametric model build is very powerful and effective, but without an automatic, continuously running code check and an effective debugging function it could be very struggling.

In ConSteel 12, csPI programming interface was improved with these mandatory functionalities to speed up your model build.

ConSteel 12 is coming! Stay tuned to get the very first glimpses in the upcoming weeks.