Tuesday, 30 January 2018

csPI - Introducing the for loop

The for loop, or the cycle, is the heart of the parametric model creation. With the use of it, repeating operations can be executed, such as variable definitions, any kind of commands like object creations, if-else statements, or even more cycles!

Just make sure not to end up in an endless cycle!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Complete model exchange and change management between ConSteel & Tekla Structures

The advanced BIM link of ConSteel with Tekla Structures provides smooth transition between the participants of the design and detailing process in a clash free, time saving and efficient way through it's workflow. 
The BIM functions between ConSteel & Tekla Structures are:
  • Model export to Tekla from ConSteel
  • Model import from Tekla to ConSteel
  • Model update between Tekla & ConSteel
  • Export of structural joints from ConSteel to Tekla Structures as macros