Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Customer Project - Pannon Park Biodom free-form steel roof

Architect Mérték Architectural Studio
Structural Engineering ARC-S Engineering & Design Ltd and MŰÉP Ltd.
Location Budapest, Hungary
Built in Under construction
Size 17.000 sq. m.; height 36.0 m
Material Steel (S355)

Let me introduce you, the winner of the Hungarian ConSteel User Contest 2017!

As a part of several new developments of Budapest Zoo, a completely new and spectacular biodome will be completed by 2020. The special enclosed biodome will boast a territory of 1.7 hectares inside the approximately five-hectare Pannon Park terrain. The biodom will present ancient flora and fauna of the Carpathian Basin by exhibiting present-day descendants of plants and animals that occupied this area 10-12 million years ago.

Source: mertek.hu

The original free-form shape was created in Rhino-Grasshopper then the normalized structural frame was imported to ConSteel.

At first, to have an overview about the global behaviour of the structure, a preliminary analysis was run on the perfect structure.

For the connection design, IDEA StatiCa Steel advanced connection design software was used. Thanks to the high-level link between ConSteel and IDEA StatiCa, joints were identified and created based on the ConSteel structural model. Not just the geometry, but the loadings from all of the relevant structural points were transferred to IDEA StatiCa. In case of any modification, ConSteel automatically updated the IDEA connection models.

As next step, the calculated connection stiffnesses and the relevant buckling shapes with the appropriate amplitudes were placed back to the global ConSteel model for final structural analysis.
With this imperfect model, the design team was able to carry out the global stability analysis according to the EuroCode 3.

Finally, the whole structural model was exported to Tekla Structures, using the high-level BIM interface of ConSteel.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Webinar: Parametric structural model creation and import with csPI by Excel worksheet

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Webinar: Comparison of different stability design methods of Eurocode 3

Check out our latest webinar about stability design according to Eurocode 3! Design rules for the two fundamental approaches are presented in details through practical examples!

  • Background of stability design in Eurocode 3
  • Description of different stability design methods
  • Application issues and supplementary tools
  • Application of different methods in ConSteel 11