Friday, 11 November 2016

Customer Project - Egg shaped office building

Architects BP Străjan
Structural Engineering GORDIAS
Location Alba Iulia, Romania
Built in 2016
Size 5.450 sq m
Material S235

In 2016, a new modern office building was transformed from an old grain warehouse. The old mill and the grain sorting station was demolished, the old warehouses became part of the new building, the central element taking an egg-shape.

The client’s main requirements were the followings:
  • Achieving the required egg shape of the three-story office building at a sophisticated level, from both structural and architectural perspective;
  • To establish an interior space, rich in natural light, which initial destination was agricultural building with no requirement of natural light; 
  • to retain and refurbish the original prefabricated concrete structure in order to maximize the usable office area.

The three-story egg shaped office building area is 1350 m2, while each of the retrained and refurbished two longitudinal office buildings are 2050 m2.

ConSteel software was used to carry out the structural analysis and design, especially the global stability checks. To have an overview about the global behavior of the structure, the whole egg shaped office building was calculated and checked using a full 3D model of the structure, including not just the steel structure, but the whole reinforced concrete building parts.

Thanks to the high level BIM interface, design team was able to devise the erection phases of the steel structure, furthermore to observe and prevent the possible clash problems which would cause delay later in the erection process.