Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Customer Project - Ion Oblemenco Stadium

Architects Dico si tiganas
Structural Engineering Plan 31 RO
OptimART Project
Location Craiova, Romania
Built in Under construction
Size 56.900 mp
Members 5.804 members and 14 surfaces
Material S355 and C30/37

In 2017, a completely new, more than 30.000-seat stadium will replace the oldfashined and demolished Ion Oblemenco Stadium.

The future stadium will achieve UEFA category IV (the highest level).

The playing field has standard dimensions of 105m x 68m and consists of a natural grass surface which is heated, irrigated, drained and ventilated. The seating is located close to the playing field over two levels, providing spectators with comfortable seats and optimum visibility. In addition VIP skyboxes are located between the levels of seating around the full perimeter of the bowl.

ConSteel software was used to carry out the structural analysis and design. The 3D model contains almost 6.000 steel and reinforced concrete members and 14 concrete plates. Not just the steel roof structure, but the whole reinforced concrete building part was also modeled to take into account the complex behavior of spatial structure.

Thanks to the high level BIM interface, the complete ConSteel structural model was exported to Tekla Structure for further detailing. In this way, significant time was saved and possible mistakes were avoided.