Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tips&Tricks - Dlubal RStab and SAP2000 complete model import

The new import function of ConSteel 10 allows you to import complete calculation model from Dlubal Rstab or SAP2000.

This import function can import the calculation model from MS Excel table files, which can be created with the proper export function of Dlubal RStab or SAP2000.

Following model data can be imported to ConSteel:
  • ·         Structural members with end release configurations, rotation and eccentricities
  • ·         Cross sections with cross section parameters
  • ·         Nodal supports with rotation and eccentricities
  • ·         Nodal forces
  • ·         Concentrated forces on members
  • ·         Member forces
  • ·         Load cases

The import functions can be found in the File/Import menu. To start, Dlubal (xlsx) or SAP2000 (xlsx) option has to be chosen.

For the import process, the following settings have to be made:
  • ·         Path of the import xlsx file have to be chosen by clicking on the open button
  • ·         Unit of the original model has to be set (mm/cm/m)
  • ·         Direction of the global Z axis of the original model has to be set, since it may be different in the other software
  • ·         In the tree structure the necessary model contests have to be chosen

After clicking OK button, the import process will start and as the first step of the import, the Section Import Manager dialog, which is handle the section and material conversation, will be appeared. It is possible to modify the identified cross sections and material grades.
After clicking OK button, the imported model will appear in the modeling area and all of the load cases will be created.

Important to know, that the xlsx model export file must be created using English language in the original software.