Thursday, 23 June 2016

Tips & Tricks

Freeform structural modeling functions of ConSteel 10

In the last years, freeform architecture became more and more popular. A variety of complex geometric shapes are used for the facades of buildings, which brought the demand of new, innovative tools and solutions for modeling of these structures too.
With ConSteel 10, we have upgraded our already existing, and implemented new functions for the modeling of freeform structures.

1. Section orientation for freeform surface

Orientation of the sections was the first problem to handle. We have implemented a new tool, with which the rotation of the sections can be done automatically. Sections can be rotated perpendicularly to the surface of the freeform shape of the structure.

2. Freeform covering with load transfer surfaces

The second newly implemented tool was the automation of covering the structure with load transfer surfaces. Covering a freeform structure with load transfer surfaces manualy, like in the picture below would take a lot of time and effort. Our new tool for multiple load transfer surface placement gives you a quick, easy and effective solution for covering your freeforms.

3. Local coordinate system setting by point

The third tool is an upgrade of the existing local coordinate system manipulation functions.
Thanks to the new function, direction of the local coordinate systems can be set easily by point. All of the local coordinate axis of a covered freeform structure can be set to point out from the structure with a simple selection of an inner point.

Thanks to the new functions, building up the engineering model of a freeform structure can be a fluent process, on which the analysis and the design can rely on.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tips & Tricks

New About Dialog helps to follow up your licence/dongle status

With ConSteel 10, under the Help button of the menu, you can find the new About dialog.

At the top, you can find the build date and number of your ConSteel. Always make sure that you are using the most recent version of ConSteel, what can be found on our website:

On the bottom part you can find important information of your licence.
  • Licence type: 
Depending on your licence it can be Full, Trial, Student, Graduate or Educational version.
  • Protection type:
Depenging on your licence, it can be Softkey, or Dongle type
  • Dongle number:
Gives you the number of your Dongle, which helps you identify it if you have lost your number
  • Expiration date:
Gives you the last day when your Softkey/Dongle is active. In case of Dongles, it is automatically being extended with a security file provided by us
  • Upgrade date:
The day when your maintenance period expires for the softwer. Gives you the last day when you are able to upgrade your ConSteel

For mor information about licencing, please contact us at!