Thursday, 19 November 2015


Default Joint settings in ConSteel and csJoint 9

ConSteel's functionalities makes the Joint design procedure a quick, and easy process, by giving additional tools to the hands of the users.
When you create a new joint both by manually or by model, there are certain parameters what will be set to a default value. These parameters are like weld sizes, method of weld design, bolt material and diameters, stiffener plate properties etc...

When you working on a large model, or simply want to design more joints in csJoint, setting these default parameters by hand (e.g. if you have a specified palette of bolts, or plate material) at each joints would take a lot of time. In this case, creating a new, user defined default setting can be very helpful, and can save you time.

The default joint settings can be modified at the "Default joint settings" dialog, what can be reached from two places.
The first option is when you make a new joint (by model or manually), by clicking the crossed screwdriver and wrench icon beside the dropdown menu. At the dropdown menu, user defined default settings will appear, and can be chosen for the joint creation.
Build new joint object dialog - When creating joint by model

Select creation mode - When creating a joint manually
The second option to reach the "Default joint settings" dialog is by clicking on the crossed screwdriver and wrench icon at the "Joints" dialog.
Joints dialog - List of all defined joints
After clicking the  crossed screwdriver and wrench icon, "Default joint settings" will appear. The parts and functions of the dialog is the following (picture below):
1. Here you can create a new, or delete an existing default setting
2. Here you can switch between the defined default joint settings
3. Here you can choose the component from the tree structure which you want to modifie. These are: General informations, Stiffener properties, Bolts properties, Foundation properties, welds properties, plates properties and gusset plate properties.
4. Here you can change the default values of a parameter of a chosen connection type (3.)
Default joint settings dialog
After you click OK, the setting will be available at the dropdown menu of "Default settings of the joint".

The joint configuration file is saved to the Documents\ConSteel folder as UserConfig.xml, what contains all of the user defined settings. This UserConfig.xml file can be used by other users too, if it is copied to the Documents/ConSteel folder.