Thursday, 6 August 2015


User defined Standards

Although, we always consider the demands of our users during the development of ConSteel, it is possible to run into a problem, that does not have a direct solution. Our principle in these situations, is to give an alternative solution for the actual problem. The next feature of ConSteel is also built on this effort.

In ConSteel, a great variety of National Annexes can be used for structure design. The Standards menu provides a great opportunity to view existing annexes. In case if you can not find the annex you wish to use, you are still able to define a new, custom one, in an easy way.

The following annexes are available in ConSteel 9 at the moment:
Recommended, German, Hungarian, Dutch, Finnish, Singapore, Portuguese, Swedish, Austrian, Polish, Greece and Spanish

Standards dialog can be opened by clicking the "Standards" menu in ConSteel.
On the left side of the Standards dialog, the standard tree is shown. By selecting a standard, all of the parameters, combination factors, safety factors are sorted, and they can be checked by chapters.

If changes in the parameters of an existing annex is necessary, it can be performed, by selecting the existing annex which is the most similar in parameters to our missing annex, and then by clicking the "New" button on the bottom left side of the dialog. With this action, a User defined annex will be generated, what has the same parameters like the selected annex had before clicking the "New" button. The difference is that the parameters of this copy of an annex are editable, and can be redefined by the user.

Unlimited number of user defined annexes can be created, and they will all appear under the User component of the Standards tree. They can be edited at any time later.

 By default they will be saved to the following file:  Documents\ConSteel\UserSandard.xml

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