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"Two level model diagnostic tool in ConSteel 9"

In ConSteel there is a possibility to perform a model check on the structure to reveal modelling errors. This model check or diagnostics can be separated to First and Second level model diagnostics:

The First level diagnostics runs automatically before starting the analysis. It is performed on the generated finite element mesh, and it covers the following checks:
   -overhang of line loads and line supports
   -point loads and point supports are not on the model
   -overlap of surface members
   -overlap of bar members
   -very small distance between points or lines of surfaces, bars, loads or supports (the limit distance can be set in the Options >> Diagnostics menu)

The Second level diagnostics can be initiated manually, at any time during the modelling stage to examine the current state. The function can be launched by clicking the View >> Diagnostics... button. It is performed on the user model, where basic requirements for performance of a model are controlled, and it covers the following checks:
   -existence of loads on the structure
   -existence of support on the structure
   -length of bars, line loads and line supports
   -value for the thickness and finite element size for surface members
   -overlap, length and compatibility of haunches
   -multiple supports on the same place
   -compatibility of tension bars
   -hinges on free beam ends
   -unproperly supported model parts

It is advisable to perform a second level diagnostics after the modeling of the structure to reveal errors occurred by inaccuracies of the model building. After these errors had been fixed, it is OK to proceed to the analysis, which will automatically trigger the first level diagnostics. If it still reveals model errors, it is easier to handle them if all of the problems from second level diagnostics had been fixed.

There are two kinds of diagnostic messages:
ERRORS: They make the calculations impossible or meaningless to execute so the detected errors stops further calculations.
POSSIBLE ERRORS: The warnings allows the calculations but they can influence the results.

By clicking on any of the object name in the tree structure, and pressing the SELECT button, the selected object will be highlighted in the model graphic. The selected object can be erased by pressing DELETE button, or it can be modified with the regular geometric operations.

To see the use of the diagnostic tool, please watch our tutorial video below, or cick on the link below:
Two level model diagnostic tool in ConSteel 9

To read more about the Diagnostics in ConSteel, please see the following chapters from the manual:
   1.2.3 The menu
   1.2.7 The windows of object tree, diagnostics results and object properties
   7.3 Model check (diagnostics)

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