Thursday, 5 March 2015


How can you place surface wind loads, when you have a custom shaped flat roof, instead of the standard types, what you can see in Eurocode?

Step 1 -Calculate wind load intensities
With ConSteel, one possible solution is to cover the roof with a load transfer surface, which fits to the edge of the building from the wind direction, and run the wind load generation. As a result, you get the zones (F,G,H,I) with proper dimensions, and with proper wind load intensities.

Step 2 -place the loads for each zones
After this, you should create a new load transfer surface, which now, fits to the edges of the building (with draw polygon option). Next, is to place the previously calculated load intensities for each zones with using the "create surface load option". With this option, you are able to place more different surface loads inside of a load transfer surface.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


"General elastic utilization is higher than the utilization in the Dominant Calculation. Why is that?"

   Eurocode tells, that it is conventional to define a cross section’s resistance by it’s plastic resistance, if the class of the cross section is 1. or 2. In this case, the cross section’s resistance will not be dominated by it’s general elastic resistance, however you can check these results too (since it's been calculated).
   When performing a global ceck on a structure, all the possible calculations will be executed according to the Eurocode (the whole EN 1993-1-1 and parts of EN 1993-1-5). The results of these calculations can be viewed both in graphic way, and in analytical way (section modul) too.

To see which design checks had been calculated, or to get more information in this topic, check out our User Manual at Steel cross sections 
Cross section class

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